Old wood home

Wood is the best that nature offers us

Wood is full of character and life.

We encounter it at every step and know it better than other materials; as a front door, a piece of furniture, a musical instrument, or e.g. an ordinary pencil. Wood is a wonderful product of nature, which humans have been rediscovering since time immemorial and even today.

Wood is one of the most natural and renewable materials,

which is abundant and will be enough if used properly, since forests can be regenerated. Its wide variety, individual characteristics and exceptional properties make it one of the most important raw materials that mother nature offers us. Slovenia is a land of forests. About 3/5 of the area is covered with it, which means that almost every place in Slovenia is near a forest.

At DOORS, we are aware of the importance of preserving the environment,

healthy and pleasant living, utilization of our natural material and the importance of wood as Slovenia's strategic raw material. Wood is not only friendly to people, but also to the environment, throughout its life cycle, even after disposal.

Tree Larch
Entrance door Larch
Entrance door old wood

Love for nature and wood

Wood and wooden construction with it are gaining in importance. Last but not least, this is also suggested by the new law on green procurement, where for the first time requirements are set for the mandatory installation of wood in public facilities. This also increases the awareness of the impact of wooden construction on environmental preservation. Wood is the only building material with a positive ecological balance.

Wood is not only a natural material. Wood carries within itself important emotional and aesthetic values. It is a living, breathing, working material. There is a beauty in him that comes from himself. It has its own smell, age. It is a material with a being. Creates a sense of well-being in living and business spaces. Wood is beautiful - let's make sure that it surrounds us even in our vicinity.