Energy Efficient Home

Energy-Efficient Entrance doors

Whoever builds a house today must always keep the cost of heating in mind. The days of cheap heating oil or other energy products are over. The properties of the materials must therefore be taken into account when designing a house; especially windows, entrance doors and other insulating materials.

The development of building and insulation materials followed the needs of modern construction, where high demands are placed on thermal and sound insulation. Existing houses are also renovated and additionally insulated by careful owners.

A passive house uses no more than 15 kWh of energy for heating (approximately 1.5 liters of oil or 1.5 m3 of natural gas) per square meter of living space per year. This means more than a 90% kWh saving compared to the average heating price paid by most households in traditional houses. Passive entrance doors or Low-energy entrance doors from DOORS are suitable for such construction methods and can also be called "doors of the future".