Fire Resistant Entrance Doors

Fire Resistant Entrance Doors with certificate

EI2 30-C (30 min) according to EN 16034

Fireproof doors prevent the passage of fire from room to room in the event of a fire.
Doors offers fire doors with CE marking according to the new European product standard EN 16034:2014 and EN 14351-1:2006 + A2:2016 with 30 minute fire protection performance EI2-C5 S200. The standard applies from November 1, 2019 in the EU and Switzerland for all external doors with fire and/or smoke protection properties. Fire protection doors must stop the fire for a certain period of time so that escape routes remain passable long enough or the fire brigade has time to arrive. This is only possible when the door is closed, i.e. it must be equipped with a self-closing door closer (exceptions - see door closer below). All the most important components of the fire door such as: B. door leaves, glass panes, locks, hinges, insulating agents, handle sets, profile cylinders, top door closers and other fittings have the necessary fire resistance and performance, tested according to applicable standards, which, among other things, define the limit values, dimensions and other properties. The manufacturer also provides detailed instructions for installing the component with fire and/or smoke protection properties. The fire safety standard label is attached to the door rebate.

Possible versions of the Fire Resistant Entrance Doors:

  • single-leaf wooden or wood-aluminum entrance door
  • single-leaf entrance door with side element or wooden or wood-aluminum skylight
  • max. wing size 3.75 m2
  • max. clear dimension of passage 1413 x 2612 mm for single-leaf doors
  • max. glass size for single-leaf doors 973x1948 mm
  • max. glass size for the side element 1201x2133 mm
  • max. height of element with overlight 3450 mm
  • max. width of element with side element 3450 mm