Wooden Side Doors

So that your house will look good even at a "second glance"

The side entrance doors are simpler in shape, but it is characterized by high-quality craftsmanship, safety and full functionality, at the same time, they are more affordable than front doors. This makes them ideal the choice for auxiliary entrances, for the passage to the garage, door to the boiler room or basement doors, and as multipurpose doors they are also useful for separate smaller ones facilities and garages or for garden houses. We present to you a wide range of models of side entrance doors which we can coordinate the color and functionality with your front door.

Technical data

when using the side door follow our recommendations from the enclosed instruction booklet for installation, maintenance and care of doors. Also note the CE-characteristics side doors, as the doors are mainly intended for installation in unheated and non-residential premises.

Side Doors HN1
Side Doors HN2
Side Doors HN3
Side Doors HN4
Side Doors HN5
Side Doors HN6
Side Doors HN7