Wood-Aluminum Entrance Doors - Convincing Advantages

Wood-aluminum Entrance Doors offer exceptional protection and easy maintenance.

Aluminum on the outside of front doors is robust and provides very good protection against rain and snow. Aluminum profiles are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

Natural climate, beauty, and optimal living comfort.

Wood-Aluminum Entrance Doors, with their lively wood texture on the interior side of the door, ensure the best living quality and natural climate in the room. Convincing design places entrance doors as unique in your precious space. The interior side of entrance doors is available in different colors and types of wood. Thus, it is possible to aesthetically adapt the doors to the elements in the room.

Exceptional Construction

Wood-Aluminum Entrance Doors do not have hollow profiles like aluminum doors, where condensation can occur. Doors made of a combination of wood-aluminum materials have the most favorable eco-profile, as they are made from sustainably renewable material - wood.

Option to choose highly insulating front door designs.

In addition to the standard design, you can choose between low-energy or passive front door designs.